Process innovation management

Creativity precedes innovation

Our ambitious business model envisages that we implement our design and our development ideas by using intelligent process innovation management in such a way that our customers receive series products that meet their and our high quality requirements. The central task of process innovation management is to achieve the most cost-effective production of customer series products. For this purpose, similar to product innovation management, a creativity and innovation phase is used if existing production systems cannot be used.

In this area, an initial assessment with regard to manufacturability under series conditions in the injection molding, automation and integrated testing process is carried out partly in parallel with product development. Process innovation management takes place under the application of the NR!M brand.

In essence, this involves the following topics:

  • Optimal mold technology in line with requirements
  • Material-conserving and -saving manufacturing processes
  • Energetically optimal manufacturing processes
  • Achieving a high level of reproducibility
  • Reduction of manual activities
  • Tests during series production
  • Producing quality instead of checking quality
  • Set-up cost-reducing production system for fast article changes.

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Automation injection molding

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Semi-automatic vertical injection molding unit

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