Solutions for E-mobility

The automotive industry has developed steadily in recent years. We offer our sensors on the market and are constantly developing them further.

Developments in e-mobility

The classic vehicle with a main drive using fossil fuel (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc.) is now in competition with hybrid and electric vehicles. In hybrid vehicles, the service brake, among other things, feeds electrical energy into the on-board accumulator, a storage capacitor or a flywheel accumulator. In all-electric vehicles, equipment such as charging stations and their wiring to supply power are also important, not the vehicle alone.

PGT drives development forward

Due to the continuous development of future vehicles, new fields of application for the resilient measurement of temperature (e.g. temperature measurement in the accumulator), pressure, flow, etc. are constantly emerging. Measurements are then made in a wide variety of solids and media with a wide variety of combined load variables. Our sensors made of thermally conductive polymers integrated in the components themselves are the ideal solution. They record the required physical data:

  • Loadable,
  • Reliable,
  • Economically optimized.

Furthermore, the development of the fuel cell drive for vehicles of all kinds offers another application spectrum for the use of our integrated sensor technology.

Image alt text 1

Pressure-temperature sensor

Image alt text 2

Flow sensor

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