Precise pressure measurement with PGT

We manufacture our pressure sensors from thermoplastics using injection molding. These can also be combined with temperature sensors so that pressure and temperature can be measured in almost the same place. It is well known that plastics are poor conductors of heat. We change the thermal conductivity of the thermoplastics in the temperature sensor by modification so that they become good to very good thermal conductors and replace metallic sensor designs as needed.

Pressure sensor

We embed the pressure sensors in the design in such a way that the pressure is applied to the integrated sensor element via open pressure channels. This allows us to integrate various pressure sensor elements, e.g. MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) and PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) into the polymer enclosure. Furthermore, analog and digital sensor elements can be used. Electrical contacting to the customer environment is achieved by injection molding integration and application of known connector systems, e.g. automotive standards. Thus, our product solutions are characterized by novel properties. A list of these technical properties can be found under merkapSOR® temperature sensor technology.

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