Centralized and decentralized heat and hot water generation

PGT sensors in heat and hot water generation

For the field of centralized and decentralized heat and hot water generation, we develop polymer sensors for temperature measurement, pressure measurement or flow measurement, or for thermostat or safety shutdown. The polymer sensors are developed for the different mounting variants. Standard sensors for the installation types can be found here as:

  • Plug-in sensors
  • Latching sensors
  • Clip mounting
  • Plug-in mounting.
  • HL-SIM

Temperature sensor with 230V cut-off element

Fields of application of our sensors

The sensors are used in all kinds of heaters, heating systems, boilers, wallheaters, combination heaters, instantaneous water heaters or as room sensors. A special application are heat pumps or plants for combined heat and power generation. Furthermore, sensors for drinking water applications with the corresponding approvals are also developed for this sector. In the field of intimate care with intelligent toilet seats, our merkapSOR sensors can also take over the measuring, control and monitoring tasks. The customer requirements often constist in the specification to fulfill

  • a fast response or reaction time
  • easy installation
  • an optimal sensor position
  • a combination of several sensor types 
  • integration of thermal monitoring or shutdown devices
  • a dew-proof design
  • an insulation-proof design
  • a radio-based data transmission
  • HL-SIM integration
  • and of course an accurate measurement.

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