Functioning plastics production through patented PGT technology

NR!M (No Risk Injection Molding) stands for our competence to economically produce technically demanding functional parts from thermoplastics by injection molding. In doing so, we use our own proven hot runner systems, our calibrated monitoring sensors and exclusively PGT control and monitoring systems for the process-safe operation of the complex injection molds. By combining these key technologies through our own competencies and capabilities, we achieve optimum thermal balance in the overall system. The NR!M brand is an essential key technology for the process-safe and economical manufacture of our products.

NR!M - No Risk Injection Moulding

On request, we make this injection molding expertise available as mold and process technology to interested customers who have requirements in the areas of sensor production, micro injection molding, function and safety-relevant parts in vehicle construction, hybrid parts on metal/plastic, contact strip overmolding, electrical components and medical parts.

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