DFM - Digital freeform multisensor

The high degree of digitalization and the associated requirements for sensor nodes are creating new opportunities in the design of digital sensor information systems. The term "digital free-form multisensor technology" encompasses this technology, taking into account PGT-specific sensor encapsulation using thermoplastic polymers. Here, different low energy sensors, e.g. digital temperature sensors are combined with digital pressure, humidity, flow and/or force/acceleration sensors to form a digital and intelligent sensor node. We transmit the measurement signals and system states securely to the individual customer environment via cable/plug connection, e.g. I²C, SPI, CANopen or via radio interfaces, e.g. Bluetooth. The power supply of the sensor nodes is either external or via energy harvesting with or without integrated battery charging circuit. Gateways handle the implementation in other network systems or cloud solutions. We thus have the know-how of the development platform, the construction and the implementation of intelligent customer-specific sensor nodes, which have new technical properties due to the thermoplastic polymer encapsulation. Our solutions here are very compact and save installation space. Examples of use are systems with requirements for artificial intelligence (AI), feature extraction, or sensor data preprocessing.

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I²C-Temperature sensor

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