Sensor technology in the automotive sector

The sensor technology can be found today not only in the main drives of all vehicles, but also in all functional systems in and around the vehicle. The development areas

  • Vehicle engines,
  • Operational and traffic safety,
  • Environmental impact and recycling,
  • Economy,
  • Driver assistance and navigation,
  • Lightweight construction and crash safety,
  • Comfort and climate

can be mentioned here as examples.


Image alt text 1

Temperature sensor pressure resistant

Image alt text 2

Pressure sensor

PGT offers alternative

Overall, traditional adaptive sensing has a detrimental effect on these areas due to the system. Several kilometers of adaptive feed lines and a large amount of connection points would be required, which would worsen the production, service as well as the reliability of important vehicle systems. There is great application potential for our sensors here, as they are integrated into individual system components. Among other things, they consist of thermally conductive polymers and lead to a sustainably advantageous overall efficiency.

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