Your professional perspective at PGT

Ideelle Alleinstellungsmerkmale machen uns besonders – für aktuelle und potenzielle Mitarbeiter:

  • Wir handeln umweltbewusst.
  • Wir akzeptieren andere Meinungen.
  • Wir arbeiten im Team und kooperieren unternehmensweit.

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Valentina Kiriakidis

- Human Resources Management, Finance and Controlling +49 (2241) 25 33 338 +49 (2241) 25 33 338

We are working dynamically on the further development of our future and, as a wholly owned subsidiary of JUMO GmbH & Co. KG, we are also working on the future of the group. Our highest commandments are state-of-the-art technologies, constant innovations and the highest quality awareness. In doing so, the combination of experience with young and courageous talents is our recipe for success. We enable interested employees to pursue a technical and, if possible, a management career. We also work with role descriptions instead of job descriptions. Become part of our team and experience a modern and socially minded value culture. At PGT, young talents find a competent partner for their start into professional life.