High Level Sensor Integration Management

By "High Level Sensor Integration Management", HL-SIM for short, we mean the intelligent technical integration of sensor technology into individual customer environments. The challenge here is to integrate the sensors in the best possible installation position. In other words, even in places where there is usually no installation space with individual sensors that need to be adapted. Here, we use our NR!M injection molding expertise and merkapSOR® technology at the highest feasible level for all sensors or sensor nodes. For example, we can ideally position sensors in or on housing walls, pipe walls, connector systems, screw connections, insulation, etc., in order to record the measured value with the highest technical and economic efficiency. We are talking here about HIGH LEVEL SENSOR INTEGRATION MANAGEMENT.

HL-SIM - High Level Sensor Integration Management

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HL-SIM sensor integration - housing cover

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Energy harvesting - Temperature measurement - Radio connection

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