Environmental protection and prevention

A careful approach to the environment is a priority for us. Our declared goals are to reduce environmental risks, conserve natural resources and avoid environmental pollution. For this reason, we continuously optimize our operational environmental protection. If environmental pollution can be avoided, we are committed to maintaining exemplary environmental statistics. Since operational environmental protection is an integral part of our corporate policy, we implement defined environmental protection measures in a targeted manner. We also motivate every employee to behave in an environmentally conscious manner. To implement this, we offer our employees the best possible working conditions that are not harmful to their health. This is provided by the use of modern, energy-efficient and low-emission technology, especially in the production facilities. This reduces environmental pollution to the unavoidable minimum. Regulations and environmental laws laid down by the authorities set the standard for our environmental protection. Open and trusting cooperation with the environmental authorities ensures knowledge of legal requirements and their seamless implementation.

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